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Cancer: from a healthy cell to a cancer cell

In 5 minutes find out how and why a normal cell becomes a cancer cell: risk factors and treatment.


From my “Unstoppable” series is the inspiring story of Aliyah Petrone. I met her during her fourth round of chemo, and I promised to photograph her when she recovered. Very emotional! Are you or someone you love suffering with a life altering illness? Tell your story below and I will shout out someone in a […]

Daniel’s Story | Sarcomatoid Carcinoma | Stand Up To Cancer | 2019

Daniel, also known as PeeWeeToms, started blogging his journey with Sarcomatoid carcinoma to show people what he was going through. On 23 February 2018 Daniel went into hospital for an operation after finding another lump in his chest. But by April, they realised it was inoperable and that the surgery didn’t work. Over the following […]

How to cook broccoli without losing its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties!

Do you cook broccoli like this too? You have always done it wrong! Broccoli is a vegetable full of mineral salts and vitamins, but did you know that by cooking them in abundant water they lose all their nutrients? Rich in calcium, iron, vitamin C and B, it’s effective in cancer prevention, reducing cholesterol and […]

6 cancer symptoms women shouldn’t ignore

What are common cancer symptoms in women? This animation highlights six cancer symptoms women shouldn’t ignore. These include unusual breast changes, abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, unexplained weight loss, feeling full all the time, and abnormal bloating. These may be signs of diseases such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. But, […]

6 Superfoods to Prevent Breast Cancer

Find out more about Breast Cancer Index (BCI): Want to know one of the keys to avoiding breast cancer? Stay away from foods that cause inflammation. Your diet could be helping or hurting your chances of developing breast cancer, so we put together 6 superfoods that will help prevent breast cancer. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE […]

What is cancer? What causes cancer?

In this week’s new video, we look at the disease cancer, how it happens, treatments and some of its causes as an overview for beginners in a fun, easy-to-learn format.

How to biohack your cells to fight cancer – Greg Foot

Check out the science of biohacking, where biologists go into a patient’s genetic code and reprogram their immune system to recognize and fight cancer cells. — The human body is made up of about 30 trillion cells that carry a code which has been duplicated over and over for billions of years – with varying […]