How to cook broccoli without losing its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties!

Do you cook broccoli like this too? You have always done it wrong!
Broccoli is a vegetable full of mineral salts and vitamins, but did you know that by cooking them in abundant water they lose all their nutrients?

Rich in calcium, iron, vitamin C and B, it’s effective in cancer prevention, reducing cholesterol and diabetes prevention, but by letting it boil for a long time, we lose the most important substance the anti-tumor substance called glucosinolate
According to two researchers of the University of Warwick boiling food has the worst impact on it, causing the loss of beneficial substances. But if you are thinking of using the cooking water to salvage its properties: DON’T DO IT!

During the cooking process, pesticides are also transferred to the water, unless you buy some untreated vegetables
So how can you cook some excellent broccoli without giving up its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties? SIMPLE!

Here are two alternative ways to cook them without losing the benefits:

Steam cooking is best way because it preserves the bright green color and all the properties of broccoli.
But be careful not to go overboard with the time: 5 minutes is enough.
In fact the loss of vitamins is also due to the prolonged heat from cooking.
It is therefore preferable to choose methods that have a short cooking time.

It’s the easiest way to cook it!

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