Cheers & Jeers

imageCheers • Cheers to the organizers of the Jail Break Run for once again producing an outstanding event.Nearly 1,000 runners and walkers took part.Proceeds benefit Project Blue to honor Baytown native and Sugar Land police officer Marcus Lee Zaruba, who died at 29 from cancer.Thank you, event organizers and runners, for getting together for another great event.• Cheers to those Democrats who looked in the mirror and were struck with a dose of self-actualization.

The field is narrowing.Let’s face it, when Tom Steyer and his posse (family) were on stage backing that thing up, millions of people had the right to be disturbed.

As disturbed as some of the other candidates dropping out in an effort to bolster Joe Biden and fend off Sanders (Bernie not Barry).It makes great theater.Jeers • Jeers to the NBA for its decision to tell its players to avoid high-fives and strangers, and avoid taking items for autographs because of the coronavirus.

Actually, that might be good news for the Rockets as James Harden will be limited in after-hours entertainment.Rub against each other in the paint and trade sweat.But don’t high-five after a dunk.To think this was the league that let Magic play with AIDS.This is more than an ounce of prevention.— Michael Pineda.

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